Characteristics of a User Experience Designer

Feb 21 • 1 min read

Google’s job description calls for User Experience Designers that are critical thinkers. Designers with an eye for making things better and a strong technical background. While these traits are important, they are not crucial. For a UX designer to be successful, there are three main characteristics they should have.

A user experience designer is always curious about how things work and why they work this way. Human behavior fascinates them. They look at how people think and act in different situations. With curiosity comes questions. The answers come through observation, research, and testing. Don Norman, the godfather of UX, once said:

“I question my own ideas and that’s the only way to make progress, always curious, always questioning.”

A user experience designer advocates for the user. To do that, they have to be able to put themselves into another person’s shoes. They must identify with their context, emotions, goals, and motivations. Only when they understand the user can they design better experiences to fit their needs.

A UX designer’s job doesn’t go from 9 to 5. They live and breath it in everything they interact with. Why did the designer decide on this flow, layout, or information architecture? They are thinking about the experience and the design decisions behind it. They not only have a passion for design but also in creating passionate users. People with passion look for ways to make things happen.

Having a traditional design or technical background is helpful. Job descriptions for user experience designers call for all sorts of traits. No matter what they ask for, a good UX designer must have curiosity, empathy, and passion.


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